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Collaboration with Michal Osowski on ”Tracking Rotterdam on tour”.
After days of preparations in Stichting Kaus Australis, we performed during ”De Wereld van Witte de With” festival at Gallery Blaak, Rotterdam 2011.
Marbling technique (Ebru) is a meditative thing to do, to be in…to go with…to dive deep horizontally…



Until the 19th century in the Netherlands there were no numbers in the front door of the houses but ‘’gevelstenen’’ instead. These were small images that represented what the building stood for and who the inhabitants were. There could be the name, the origin, religion or profession of the owner. There could be used as a talisman protecting the home or as a commemoration of a special occasion.   By looking at them you could know more about the character of the house owner than you ever would from merely reading a house number or address. In the same way our houses in the Wielewaal have their own life and souls and they are something more that numbers on a map. Intrigued by this tradition, we decided to ask our neighbours what their ‘gevelsteen’ would be.

What image or word would they use to describe their home?What home means to them?

This way we got to meet our neighbours and have conversations about home. Then gathered these words and translated them into images. What you see here is the result of our conversations and the process of creating their personalized images. You can also see our working space inside one of the Wielewaal houses. After the exhibition the images will be given to our neighbours to hang them out of their house communicating this way who they are and what their home stands for.


Researching Butoh and action painting with Honza Svasek.
For an article over our performance with Honza, check this link, is in Turkish but google
translatable of course:


It all started when I was a guest artist at Stichting B.a.d in 2011, during an open studio event. I wanted to have a carpet for that day in my studio, where I also used to live. I’ve thought that it could be nice&cosy to have a carpet during the exhibition as a symbol of turkish houses and therefore kind of sign for hospitality… We couldn’t find a carpet in the building so I decided to make my own, but how? I shouldn’t be drawing on the floor with a permanent marker or so… then I’ve thought maybe I could just draw on a paper tape and stick the paper tape on the floor… I ended up making 2 carpets. I liked creating them, people liked seeing them… and even since, I was asked to make new ones for many other exhibitions… mainly for the events of Gallery Niffo… but also for Werklicht, Pand Paulus, for my open studio exhibitions etc… light and fun… yet deep and flying carpets 🙂
Opportunistic artist is a series of events/ installations in diverse locations where people are invited to bring their old/ dusty/ kitch objects. They might tell the story of “how, when” they got them and “why” they want to get rid of them. Then I will turn them into art objects by using my own interpretation and way of abstraction. The reason i call it “opportunist” is ironic cause i will be working with the materials i have tendency to dislike and then after working on it showing and sharing them with people at an art event. The concept is to start a process of thinking about why we dont like something, and our relation with objects… Questioning our way of seeing things…
During a period when I didn’t have a studio to work on my paintings, I tried to work in the living room of my small house. It was a moment that I couldn’t do much… then I kind of by need, discovered how to work with papier mache and made very small abstract sculptures with them… then made installations and shadow plays with them… in different locations, for different concepts, mainly installations combined with sound&music… not very easy to capture the sphere through still images/photos though… even though they were still…